AJ Patel

CEO, InstaNatural

"Working dawn to dusk day after day makes it easy to get tunnel vision. To pull my head out of the sand and to get lifted to an entirely new altitude with more experienced CEOs is invaluable."

Connecting with Advisors and Veteran Deal Makers


I’ve been an entrepreneur for almost 2 decades, since I was in high school. Several years ago, I launched a cosmetics business focused largely on direct to consumer digital marketing. Our cosmetics company grew rapidly as we were a top Amazon seller/partner for many years and I eventually grew to run several businesses.


As the companies grew, my challenges grew: struggling to focus my time and money on the right thing, finding the right people to bring onto my teams, defining our desired growth plan or exit event. At Helm’s mastermind sessions, I felt I could open up quickly with high impact issues since the group was similarly open and vulnerable. The records of the other entrepreneurs and their generosity of time outside of our mastermind sessions inspired my trust and I found myself sharing abundantly as well.


Through Helm’s network, I immediately connected with people who become confidantes and collaborators. 1 of them mentored me through the sale of one of my businesses, something I had very little experience with. He helped me get alignment in our business with our reporting, find the right people to speak about our liquidity event, and manage my communications internally and externally. At our monthly masterclass I met thought leaders who also were able to open my eyes to new avenues for expanding our business.