Is your startup hitting the ceiling?

Break through to the next level with:

  • A peer advisory board of fellow CEOs

  • Ultra-Successful Serial Entrepreneur, Bob Dorf

  • A videoconference you can attend from home


  • Address your issues and problems directly with bob and like-minded ceo’s
  • Put the most rigorous available roadmap to use in mapping your startup growth plan
  • Minimal lectures, maximum feedback/discussion of your issues and challenges
  • Build relationships with like-minded, non-competitive CEO’s
‘’A tremendous learning opportunity. I wish it were even longer - having a global thought leader along with other corporate leaders who brought great perspective was a chance to step away from working in the business and to instead work on the business.’’

Chris Ballinger

CFO, Toyota


  • Why you need to abandon the execution of a fantasy business plan to succeed with a scalable business model.
  • What type of customer development process you need to commit to to have a successful business model.
  • Why everything you’ve learned is wrong – “a startup is not a small version of a big company.”
  • How to identify the metrics that matter. *Hint: these are not sales!
  • Why failure is the integral part of the search for your business model.



Serial Entrepreneur | Leading Startup Trainer
Coach Co-author, global bestseller, “The Startup Owner’s Manual”

A lifetime serial entrepreneur with

  • 7 startups (two highly successful) under his belt
  • Coach of many multimillion-dollar business successes
  • A decade of work with entrepeneurs and their trainers/coaches
  • and co-author of the global-bestseller, “Startup Owner’s Manual

Bob Dorf travels the globe, helping startups take apart their business models to optimize their chances for success. He’s helped guide scores of startups as they make the transition from early days to “repeatable, scalable, profitable” growth enterprises, driven by the “test and iterate” lean customer development method he’s helped to build and teach worldwide.

After a 40-year startup career, Bob’s spent the last decade working for governments, universities, incubators, and startups to teach and guide their use of the world-leading customer development method. Join him and fellow startup CEO’s in a journey where traction and growth are the only destination.


What’s a Value Proposition, and
How Good is Yours, Really?

July 13


  • The value proposition details why a customer should give your company money instead of someone else’s.
  • A company’s value proposition includes a product, feature and benefit description. But what else does it include, and how do you optimize yours?
  • Most critical of all is the role of competitive differentiation, coupled with a way to show manifestations of the product long before it’s ready to ship.

Bob will discuss these key issues and how they affect your business:

  • Key elements of the value proposition
  • How value propositions guide CEO’s toward product/market fit matching product to customer
  • Bigger or smaller? how to refine value propositions to optimize chances for success

Customer Discovery: Much More and
More Helpful than Market Research

July 20


What is customer discovery, and how does it work?

Probe the three distinct, evolutionary steps in organizing, soliciting, and processing customer feedback on every aspect of your business and its value proposition.

Understand the key rules for strong customer discovery, and the many challenges and benefits of doing discovery ambitiously and well.

Bring your challenges and questions to this high-energy lecture/discusison that will cover: o the three distinct steps in the customer discovery process

  • methods and guidelines for implementing good discovery practices
  • and how to amass and synthesize the customer feedback you gain

Product/Market Fit: What is it, How do I find it,
and How do I know when I did?

July 27


In a sentence, product/market fit is the consistent, predictable match between distinct, targetable groups of customers and the company’s value proposition.

Learn more about the construct, and how to use it in managing and growing your own business.

Understand the kids of pivots, or shifting, required to better tune customers to your products, making marketing and customer acquisition activities more effective and less expensive.

Bring your value proposition to our session and Bob and the group will provide feedback and improvement recommendations.

Experience of a Lifetime