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Based on your profile, you’ll be
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your industry most suited to you.


You’ll define your biggest quarterly goals
so your CEO group can bring you guidance and accountability.


In your monthly Mastermind sessions, you’ll
give and get help with your group. Get more
help and introductions throughout the month.

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Save Time, Money & Stress

To have an edge, a CEO needs an ecosystem of support. Find out what a trusted group of industry peers who've been in your shoes - who know what works and what doesn't work - can do for you.

Get ignited!

You're the average of the people you spend time with. Are you surrounding yourself with inspired, successful, innovative leaders?


Success leaves clues. Get answers from successful CEOs who’ve been in your shoes. And if you don’t have specific questions because you don’t know what you don’t know, start the conversation and be prepared to awaken completely new possibilities.


Every month, in addition to your Mastermind Group, you'll have access to a 1-hour CEO Masterclass along with Q&A. Recent guests include renowned thought leaders Marshall Goldsmith and Jack Trout.

Build your Network

Meet CEOs from any industry who have experience where you seek guidance. Our team of facilitators will also make targeted 1-on-1 introductions based on your evolving priorities.

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You don't know what you don't know. Start the conversation with other entrepreneurs and awaken to entirely new possibilities.

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Before your first Roundtable, you will:

  • See profiles of the other CEOs

  • Set 90-day goals for your company or yourself

At the Roundtable, you and other members will:

  • Introduce yourselves and share background on your company

  • Share your 90-day goals along with which of them you seek help on

  • Get advice, introductions and support from the group

After the Roundtable, you and other members will:

  • Connect briefly 1-on-1 to give and get guidance

  • Convene small group “huddles" on any topic you seek help on

  • Get targeted introductions from your Helm facilitator and across the larger Helm CEO community

Helm’s team, supported by machine learning (smart computer algorithms), considers factors such as your industry, your company's stage of development, your location and your experience level, along with certain other factors, in order to create a highly compatible group for you and your fellow CEOs.

100%. Every member agrees to a single rule, in writing, before joining the first Roundtable: confidentiality must be maintained. In over 7 years of Roundtables, there has not been a single incident or challenge with this.

If you're asking this question, Helm is the wrong community for you. Other leads networking forums exist solely for this purpose.

Helm is a forum for growing genuine relationships with CEOs you can trust to guide and support you. As significant synergy exists across companies in the same industry, collaboration and business often ensue. But active soliciting is prohibited.


Josh Klenoff, Helm Founder, has run 3 companies, the most recent in collaboration with Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach to CEOs of Walmart, Pfizer, and Ford. Their team coached CEOs ranging from startups to Fortune 500s on Leadership, Communications and Productivity. Next, Josh brought his coaching approach to JP Morgan's Private Banking team.

While there, Josh convened CEO gatherings with hand-picked groups of CEOs who learned from each other and built valuable relationships. As these gatherings became more focused, bringing together CEOs exclusively from the same industry, the synergy grew and Josh exited the world of banking, starting Helm as his sole pursuit to bring this forum to CEOs in any industry and any location.

Josh received his BS in Finance from Wharton and his MBA from Columbia Business School. He resides in Westchester, New York with his wife, Nili; son, Caleb; and his two daughters, Ayla and Belle.

Drew Dudley
Founder & Chief Catalyst of Day One Leadership
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Josh Klenoff’s job is to help leaders share wisdom. As CEO of The Helm, he brings entrepreneurs and CEOs together to share challenges they face in running their companies, and leverage each others’ experiences in creating solutions. That kind of job can create quite a pool of wisdom, so I was eager to share his insights here on the blog. Our more

“Helm is the source of key partnerships and ideas that have propelled us forward."

Mike Ferris

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Robert Reffkin

CEO, UrbanCompass
Raised $123 million

“It’s been as rewarding to help other CEOs as it has been to get guidance."

Robynn Shrader

CEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association

Steve Sisskind

CEO, RealDose

Steve Mazza


Paul Gilbert

CEO, Medavante