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Josh Klenoff, Helm Founder, has run 3 companies, the most recent in collaboration with Marshall Goldsmith, executive coach to CEOs of Walmart, Pfizer, and Ford. Their team coached CEOs ranging from startups to Fortune 500s on Leadership, Communications and Productivity. Next, Josh brought his coaching approach to JP Morgan's Private Banking team.

While there, Josh convened CEO gatherings with hand-picked groups of CEOs who learned from each other and built valuable relationships. As these gatherings became more focused, bringing together CEOs exclusively from the same industry, the synergy grew and Josh exited the world of banking, starting Helm as his sole pursuit to bring this forum to CEOs in any industry and any location.

Josh received his BS in Finance from Wharton and his MBA from Columbia Business School. He resides in Westchester, New York with his wife, Nili; son, Caleb; and his two daughters, Ayla and Belle.

Drew Dudley
Founder & Chief Catalyst of Day One Leadership
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“Things will work out for the best”
S%!# That Isn’t True
Josh Klenoff’s job is to help leaders share wisdom. As CEO of The Helm, he brings entrepreneurs and CEOs together to share challenges they face in running their companies, and leverage each others’ experiences in creating solutions. That kind of job can create quite a pool of wisdom, so I was eager to share his insights here on the blog. Our more

Niall Campbell

Chef, Firefly Grill

Tim Hubbard

Vertical Bistro

Mark Berger

CEO, Securitech

“Helm is the source of key partnerships and ideas that have propelled us forward."

Mike Ferris

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Robert Reffkin

CEO, UrbanCompass
Raised $123 million

“It’s been as rewarding to help other CEOs as it has been to get guidance."

Robynn Shrader

CEO, National Cooperative Grocers Association

Steve Sisskind

CEO, RealDose

Steve Mazza


Paul Gilbert

CEO, Medavante