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Mike Wyrzykowski

CEO, DealerVu

We move at lightning speed and never have time for anything it seems. But after hearing about Traction from some other business owners, I read the book. I didn't care for the book, but I also had a talk with Helm and was intrigued by how simple they made it and how it fit our needs so well. My team joined me for a 90-minute meeting with Helm to learn how Traction works and while 75% of us wanted it, about 25% of the team didn't want it.

We moved forward with it (anyway!) and now 100% of us are bought in totally. It's not a tool or a platform or a "thing" that stands in isolation. It's really a paradigm for doing business in a scalable way that changes the game all around. If I'm ever asked for a single piece of advice from entrepreneurs, it's DO TRACTION.

Mark Berger

CEO, Securitech

In 60 years, we've been through lots of growth programs, consultants and initiatives but never anything even close to the system Josh and his team put in place. I have the ability to completely step away from the business and let it "run itself." We have the right people in the right seats, focusing on the numbers that are truly driving our growth. From the leadership team down to the factory workers and from New York City to Romania, our factories and people are operating with incredible traction.

Richard Andersen

Founder, Goldstar Global

I've had a pulse on the human side of business since founding our Omaha-based healthcare staffing company, which now totals over 1,500 employees. Over the decades, I've stitched together processes and systems and philosophies from so many people. But the system that Josh's team put in place - Traction - integrates the best of them and great ideas I've never been exposed to.

Every member of Josh's team really cares. They make everything we do incredibly easy and enjoyable. They're attuned to the details and also to the big picture strategy. Anyone who gets a chance to work with them, I recommend them whole-heartedly.

Abe Sultan

Co-Founder, Apprenda

We've raised over $30 million and our team and investors insist on best practices. Helm introduced Traction and even our engineers and programmers, who already think very methodically, were extremely impressed with the simplicity, structure and elegance of the Entrepreneurial Operating System Josh's team helped us learn and practice. It's helpful to get 100% buy-in from the leadership team before introducing it to the rest of the company, and hopefully you'll experience for yourself the change in peace, ease-of-work, and enjoyment, but also in the speed, quality and profit of work. You can get everyone firing on all cylinders once you "install" this system in your company.

Tim Hubbard

President, Vertical Bistro, Rudi's Deli, & more

We're not a fancy operation with all college grads so I wasn't sure if Traction would make sense for us. But it seemed like we were facing the same challenges over and over and I didn't want to keep doing things the way we had been doing them.

We also know we can grow our operation but it makes us anxious because every day feels like a different unpredictable adventure. Growing when it already feels like the train is coming off the tracks is scary. It sounded like Traction might help us scale up.

Traction exceeded my expectation by about 500%, and my hopes and expectations were high! My team loves it, I love it and people we hire... if they're the wrong people, we and they know it right away. It has helped us build our team, clarify responsibilities, measure results and objective track progress, massively minimize errors and create consistency 3 levels beyond where we had been doing that.

Leo Cullen

President and CEO, Kyowa Hakko

In a multi-national company with 2,000+ employees, it's important to have buy-in from the top. Once we did, the results were big and immediate. We re-defined and optimized roles. We delineated processes... who had accountability for what exactly. It was eye-opening to eliminate all confusion about who's responsible for what, and for people to own it.

With each level of the company this cascades to, the value grows until the nebulous vision that had been documented somewhere suddenly comes to life, and every day when people are living that vision, aligned with core values and focused on precisely the right things, it makes the quality of each day much, much better. And profitability far, far better!

Ned Weiser

BMT Weiser

After 30 years in my industry, Harvard Business School and countless books, I should know the big things that make a business great, right? Wrong. It's remarkable how there is always new stuff to learn, and incredibly big and meaningful stuff.

Traction ranks at the top of the list of "Things To Know and Do" for any CEO or founder or owner or president. It encapsulates so much... from the great business philosophers translated into practical tools, structured meetings that eliminate time wasting and ensure ultra-effective problem solving, dashboards that show you at-a-glance health of your company so you can go on vacation for 2 weeks and not worry, and so much more.

For the head of business, this is as good, and dare I say, better than an entire MBA!

Dan Lifton

CEO, Quality of Life

Traction changed the game for us. We have alignment around our Vision from top to bottom and end to end - everyone is on the same page. Profits, up. Productivity, up. Employee and customer satisfaction, up!

Before implementing Traction, I had heard of 90%+ of Traction's tools and ideas, but there was never a unifying system to bring it all together, drive accountability, smoke out all the issues and ensure total 100% buy-in throughout the entire company. I recommend this system 100% to anyone passionate about growing their business (and themselves).

Ken Carson

Owner, Nexus Brewery

My team and I run a diverse set of restaurants and unifying them all into 1 system has simplified life greatly. Communications, management, hiring, execution, alignment... all are much, much better with Traction.

I come from the banking business, and it's often easy to grow a business if you're selling your soul in the process. I saw this more times than I can count - and it happens every day with businesses of every kind. But to grow with integrity, transparency, trust... with real strong relationships, that's the holy grail.

Traction makes this the ONLY WAY. I don't think it's possible to implement this system and not achieve that holy grail.

William Ford

Founder, Cynch

Traction is bringing us the agility we need to innovate rapidly and the structure to get everyone working harmoniously. When everyone is speaking the same language, using the same system, on the same team and sharing the same vision, it speeds decision making and encourages healthy risk taking. If it weren't called Traction, it would be called Business In A Box, because it's basically everything you need to run your business. Tremendous team at Helm and tremendous IP they bring with Traction. I rate it 100 out of 100.

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