What the Top 1% of CEOs Know That You Don’t:
How a Small Handful of CEOs are
Generating $100 million+

(while simplifying their lives along the way!)

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Aug, 06 2020

04:00am EST

Discover how to STOP...

  • Bumping up against the ceiling and stalling your growth
  • Getting frustrated by not having the “right people on the bus
  • Dealing with the same issues over and over
  • Seeing things slip through the cracks with no one taking accountability
  • Relying on stories instead of simple objective metrics to tell you, for each person, how successful they are

This system led us from incremental growth to exponential growth

Leo Cullen

President and CEO, Kyowa Hakko

We’ve scaled to over 1,500 employees. I highly recommend to any CEO that you take advantage of the help that Josh and his team can bring you.

Richard Andersen

CEO, Goldstar Global

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Josh Klenoff

Josh Klenoff is the founder and CEO of Helm. He’s helped CEOs, Founders & Entrepreneurs around the world scale their businesses, multiply their income and bring accountability and discipline to everyone in their companies.

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"Learn from the frustrations of other entrepreneurs, or you are doomed to relive their pain. Put your entrepreneurial operating system in place”


"The model is appealing partly because of its simplicity. It focuses on six key components — vision, people, data, issues, process and traction — that companies need to manage and strengthen themselves to be great.”

Star Tribune

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